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Newbury Berkshire: Electronic parking signs are on their way

Electronic parking signs are on their way

Drivers coming into Newbury are set to benefit from electronic signs showing the number of spaces available at the town's car parks.

An important feature in a lot of large cities, these signs mean drivers can decide as they approach the town which is the best place for them to park, safe in the knowledge that spaces await them. 

The ten signs for Newbury, which will be located at strategic approach points to the town, should be in place in the autumn and their presence will support the new Parkway shopping centre which will include more than 50 shops, two anchor stores including a Debenhams department store, and a multi-storey car park when it opens on 27 October. Changes to traffic arrangements in Newbury come into effect at the same time. 

The fixed directional signs to car parks and other destinations that are already in place in Newbury, will be revised slightly to align with the new transport arrangements. These fixed signs will provide more specific directions to drivers who have made decisions based on the electronic messages.

Funding for the signs comes courtesy of the Parkway developers, Standard Life Investments. The signs are being supplied to West Berkshire's Highways Service by Siemens.  Often called Variable Message Signs (VMS), they display the number of available spaces at any one time at named car parks or groups of car parks at the same location. The information will be updated automatically, as the signs will be linked to the existing automated car park management systems.

With a total of fourteen Council car parks, there is always plenty of parking in Newbury within a short walking distance of the shops. The opening of Parkway will no doubt bring a large number of extra shoppers to the town, but since the development includes a new 550-space car park, these should be well catered for with the VMS signs proving particularly valuable.

David Betts is the West Berkshire Executive Councillor for Highways. "The new variable message signs are an important part of the traffic management changes for Newbury town centre," he said. "Together with the existing signs, they will do much to help visitors park easily and reduce journey times. They represent another major benefit that the new Parkway development is bringing to the town."

The ten locations for the new Variable Message Signs are the A339 north of the A4 Western Avenue; A4 London Road east of Robin Hood roundabout; A339 between Robin Hood roundabout and the Sainsbury's roundabout; A339 between Sainsbury's roundabout and A343; A339 south of A343; A343 Andover Road; Bartholomew Street; Market Street; London Road west of Robin Hood roundabout; and A4 Bath Road west of town centre.



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