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Newbury Berkshire: Shopping


Kennet Shopping - Newbury's prime shopping centre
Shop Newbury - An extensive list of all shops in Newbury
Parkway Newbury - Newbury's brand new shopping centre, opening October 2011. Plus affordable housing.

Charter Market:
Newbury received its Market Charter in 1599. Newbury is a typical market town with a well established market situated directly in front of the Town Hall. The market trades on Thursdays and Saturdays and can have up to 35 stalls. Most of the traders have been on Newbury market for over 10 years and occasionally there is a spare site. However, Newbury Town Council has a policy of not allowing casual traders; instead it encourages new applicants to become full traders to ensure there is not over-duplication of lines sold (except for vegetable stalls and butchers). The Town Council does encourage Charity stalls and local Clubs/Organisations who want to promote themselves to the local community for a small fee, which includes the setting up and use of a stall. There is a great variety of stalls, from clothing to food and greeting cards to fishing tackle. There is a large car park with the capacity for 500 vehicles within 100yds of the market and several large multi-storey car parks nearby.

Newbury market serves the town of Newbury and the surrounding area very well, offering competitive prices with a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you haven't visited us yet, come along. You will be surprised at how interesting and fun the experience could be!

Thursdays: TwoFruit & Vegetables, Fish, Telephone Covers, Pet Food, Shoes, Watches, Clothing, Tools, Underwear, Flowers, Cards, Eggs, Fishing Tackle, Olives, Luggage, Wholefoods, Cakes & Sweets, Coffee, Two Butchers, Haberdashery, Stationery, Plants & Flowers and a Caterer.

Saturdays: Kitchen Wear, Tapes & CD's, Pet Food, Shoes, Watches, Underwear, Plants & Flowers, Cards, Telephone Covers, Tools, Jumpers, Stationery, Two Fruit & Vegetables, Luggage, Eggs, Cakes & Sweets a Caterer and different Clothing stalls.

If you are interested in trading on Newbury's Charter market or require more information please contact:

Market Superintendant
Newbury Town Council Town Hall Market Place Newbury RG14 5AA
Tel: 01635 35486 - Fax: 01635 40484

Farmers Market:
Held in the Market Place on the first and third Sunday of every month between 9.00am and 1.00pm. Run by the thames valley Farmers' market Co-operative the ain is to bring fresh locally grown produce directly from the farmer to the customer. The market offeers the very best in seasonal produce and all the stall-holders are directly involved in the production of goods they sell. You will find a seection of stall including meat, vegetables, sweets, wines etc. For unricalled freshness and locally produced products it's well worth a visit! For furthur details, please visit the TVFM website.